Students FAQ

Why use our services?  is an online exchange service, NOT an agency! Experts and Students communicate directly, without any intermediaries. This allows for lower assignment prices. Communicate directly on – solve issues with help of Experts!

 How to post a question?

If a Student hasn’t signed up on our website yet, he/she can place an order and register simultaneously by clicking the following link:

When asking for question, Must need to provide the title, details description, and the Discipline.

If you didn't find your Discipline in  list – choose most similar.

Make sure provide all instructions for your assignment, and attach  related files to it (e.g any material handed out by your professor).

Mention a Due Date deadline for the assignment.

You must specify your budget - the amount you are willing to spend on the assignment, and then wait for bids from our Experts.

You can attach specified types of files (jpg,jpeg,png,docx,txt,xls,doc,pdf,zip,rar,) limited by size of 15mb. If you want to attach any other types of files, then you can upload them in an archive.

How to hire an Expert?

After you have asked your question, you can hire an Expert based on their rating or their bid price and delivery time. You must click “Hire Expert”, once pressed – you’ll be redirect to checkout page for deposit funds (You can accomplish this using different payment methods, including bank cards, electronic money, PayPal, Webmoney, etc.). Your funds will be hold by  until Expert delivered satisfactory answer or You click on accept answer button and provide feedback to tutor.

How much does it price?

Because there are no intermediaries, prices for assignments are minimal. To get your prices for an assignment directly from the tutors you have asked question and wait for Bids from our Experts.

How can I  pay for your service if I don't have a Paypal account? 

It is possible to pay with a debit/credit card using PayPal system. However, having an account or registering for it is not necessary.

Here is how you can do this:

  • After selecting an expert/tutor you are willing to hire, click "Proceed", which will redirect you to PayPal website.
  • Choose an option of paying with a credit or a debit card.
  • Continue by adding all the necessary information, agree with terms and conditions, and finalize your payment.

OFF-SITE Payments

In case an expert is trying to convince you to make an off-site payment, stay alert. Such transactions are insecure since they are held without any protection/supervision from the platform. In such a way, you may become a victim of a fraud, so please do not make any off-site payments.


Guarantee of funds:  guarantees the safety of your funds when paying for assignments. Payments are made as 100% immediately. When the payment transfer has been made (when you hire your Expert) the funds are put on Hold.

Expert receives his earned money only after he deliver satisfactory answer, which meets full requirements of the Student or 3-day Warranty has expired. If the Expert does not complete his work within delivery time, the money will be returned to the Student, and he may hire a different Expert for the completion of the assignment.

Guarantee of quality:

The quality of an assignment is estimated with text originality in anti-plagiarism tools, and also as per the guidelines of the Student (completed by following directions of the assignment and by the due time). If the assignment is completed with mistakes or errors, the Student may send it in for a free revision to the Expert. If the matter hadn’t been solved, the Student may request a full or partial refund.