Experts FAQ


Advantage of working with

Online Academic Exchange Platform allows you to work with Students directly, without overpaying intermediaries. You can set the prices for your work yourself. Your rating will rise as you finish more assignments, and as long as the quality of your works is great, your earning will increase too!


1. Registration and Qualifications

How to Become an Expert

 Initially, you must complete the registration. Secondly, fill the profile section with your personal information. A request to become an Expert will be submitted, and you'll need to hold up until the Administration approves your request. At that point you'll be allowed full access to our Question database.


2. Start working as an Expert


How to find questions?

 When your profile will approved by our Administration, then you will able to find the questions.

When do I receive payment for a completed assignment?

The Student makes payment for an assignment when hiring an Expert. The payment will be put on Hold, by  until the final version of the answer is submitted. After it has been submitted, the 3-day warranty begins. During the warranty period, the Student can make requests for corrections, and the Expert will be committed to correct and improve the answer. A Student's request for correction must be  within the assignment requirements. After 3-day warranty period, on hold funds will be transferred to the Expert's account.

How do I withdraw funds?  allows to Expert to withdraw funds by following methods: Paypal, Payoneer. You can select your method when you make your withdrawal request. For to withdraw funds your account balance must be at least $15 for Paypal or $60 for the Payoneer. 

 NB: 3.15% tax will apply on each Payoneer withdrawal. 

 How much is the commission?  will charge 20% commission from each question  earning.