Refund Request policy is that students should never have to pay for unsatisfactory answers. That being said, it's important to clarify exactly what answers are considered unsatisfactory.

In short, unsatisfactory answers are answers that are either overdue, or fail to follow the instructions outlined in the question's description.

This is why it's important that students post detailed question descriptions, as question descriptions are what forms the outline for what is required of the Expert.

What if your Expert  didn’t meet my expectations?

First of all, try to contact the Expert and explain the problem. It could be a misunderstanding that is not difficult to overcome. In case you can’t reach the Expert or the problem persists, click on Request Refund in your Question session.

Studyfull refund request 

Choose the reason for your refund request and explain why the answer is unsatisfactory. We kindly ask to give us all the details in order to solve the problem in no time. team will get notified, and review the answer. The team will go over the answer to see if it meets the requirements and our internal guidelines for quality.

If the answer don’t meet the requirements, the student's money are refunded in full to your preferred refund method, and appropriate actions are taken against the Expert.

When should I request a refund?

  • The answer does not fulfill requirements or is incorrect
  • The answer was not delivered or was overdue
  • The answer contains plagiarism or bad grammar


  • The answer meets the specified requirements and was delivered on time
  • You’ve repurchased a question that is currently receiving an answer

For issues not covered by our withdrawal system, please contact us at