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    CIS365 - Homework 3 Instructor: Dr. Zahid Syed 
    Deadline: Feb 22, 2016 - At start of class 
    Instructions:  If any questions require calculations, you must show them to receive full credit. Simply writing the answer in such cases will not suffice.  You are permitted to discuss the following questions with others in the class. However, you must write up your own solutions to these questions.  Submission instructions:  Submit a hardcopy before start of class  Late assignments will not be accepted. 
    1. For the following logic gate circuits: a. Compute the boolean expression b. Simplify the above expression c. Draw the logic gate circuit based on the simplified expression  d. Write its truth table  
    2. A logic gate circuit with a 4-bit input ABCD exhibits the following behavior:  Outputs a ‘1’ if the 4-bit number ABCD: 1. Is an odd number greater than 3 and less than 7 OR 2. Is an even number less than 6 a) Draw the truth table for this circuit b) Extract its boolean expression c) Simplify it d) Using (c) draw the logic gate circuit 
    3. Simplify the following Boolean expressions using identities. In each simplification step, write down the identity you used in that step 
    a.  b. C BACBACBABAQ . ......  c. A CDCDCCBQ   .).(. d. D CADCACACBAQ . ......  e. B CBCBBAQ   . ).(. f. ) .().( B AAACABQ   g. B BACBACBCBAQ . ......  h. D CADCADCBADBADBADCBAQ . .............  


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    CIS365 - Homework 3 DLD
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