Business Casual Dress-Related

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    Business Casual Dress-Related

    As a business professional, you must know how to dress appropriately at all times.

    You are to read the senario below and respond to questions by typing directly into the space provided in this assignment.


    A 24-year old public relations assistant wears shorts, a tank top, and athletic shoes to a meeting with the head of corporate public relations because the company-sponsored softball team has an important game scheduled later that day and because he doesn't have time to drive home to a nearby city to change before the game.

    1. What feedback would you give to the 24-year old, if any, as it relates to business casual dress?

    2. Identify and submit at least two companies' dress code policies. You may use two local companies or go to the internet to help respond to this assignment.


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    Business Casual Dress-Related
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