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    Annotated Bibliography


    WALLACE, R. W.. (1913). DAVID LIVINGSTONE: RENOWNED AFRICAN EXPLORER. The Journal of Education, 77(12 (1922)), 317–318.

    The author Wallacegives a great description of David Livingston. He started with his childhood and illuminates the things the shaped David into the explorer as many knew him as today. He also adds that David wasn’t just an explorer. According to Wallace, he taught and healed people. This journal gives the imitate encounters David had with his family and the Africans throughout his journey. It shows what many would consider tough; David saw it as a chance to diversely develop.

    He was dedicated to complete the tasks at hand.


    Liebst, M. (2013). David Livingstone: Humanitarian or Hypocrite?. History Today, 63(4), 36-37.

    Livingstone, D. (1997). On expedition in Africa. Christian History, 16(4), 20.

    The Journal of Education, 77(12 (1922)), 317–318. Retrieved from

    The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education No. 37 (Autumn, 2002), p. 20


    Is it possible for you to complete this annoted bio? If so, how much will it be? No word limit for this one. 
    The civilizations to choose from Columbian Exchange period, Reformation period, Ottoman Empire, Muslum Empires in Persia and India, Songhay Empire, The Slave Trade, Explorer David Livingstone


    1) The student will pick a civilization 
    2) The student will search for four academic secondary sources on this civilization.
    3) The student will search for one primary source on this civilization.
    4) The student will create a proper APA formatted reference line for this source.
    5) The student will summarize the source in a paragraph. Find book reviews, abstracts, or quickly analyze the book to give a brief summary. Always cite the home page for the website, not individual pages within the overall website. 
    6) Finally, the student should write in a few sentences the importance of the source or the usefulness of the source. For example, what can we learn from using this source?
    This is what I have so far and it needs help. You are welcome to change it.




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