EXAM II – Theatre Appreciation

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    EXAM II – Theatre Appreciation

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    Starting in ancient Greece, the character of a chorus has played an important role in theatre.  Describe the function of a chorus.  Is a chorus different than a narrator?  Why?  Why Not?

    An essential element of dramatic structure is conflict.  Wilson goes so far as to call conflict the ‘crucible of drama’.  In terms of playwriting, what is conflict, and why is conflict important?

    Stock characters have been a part of theatre performance as far back as Italy’s Commedia dell’arte.  What is a ‘stock character’?  Are there stock characters on television and in film today?  Give two examples of either a TV show or a film in which there are stock characters.

    Describe the difference between story and plot.  Use an example from a play or historical event to illustrate the concepts.

    Theatre and Games are alike in 5 basic ways.  What are those 5 ways as discussed in the text and in class?

    Why are typically serious subjects (e.g., pain and death) not considered serious in comedy?

    There are three playwrights who started the type of theatre known as REALISM.  Who are they? 

    What are the six forms of comedy?

    What are the 7 Types of Dramatic Characters as described in the text?

    Considering a play or film you have seen, identify the protagonist and the antagonist.  Describe the difference between the two.  What is the function of the juxtaposition of these two characters in the dramatic structure?  Does the antagonist have to be mean or bad?  Why do you think this?

    There are two basic comic situations:  An eccentric person in a normal society, and a normal person in a ridiculous society.  Recalling films or television shows you have seen, give an example of each.  Does one of the comic situations seem more common in today’s society?  If so, does that reflect our society?  How?

    Drama is written and produced for different purposes.  What are 4 of those purposes as described in the text?

    There are several dramatic structures.   List one historic period of popularity for the Climactic form and one period of popularity for the Episodic form.

    As discussed in class, heroic drama has many of the same elements as traditional tragedy but what are the two elements that separate it from the traditional tragedy?

    Hanging in the living room of Palmer Forrester, a character in Murder Among Friends,  there is a portrait of Palmer Forrester in the role of ___________________________________.

    In Murder Among Friends, what color is Gert’s dress? ________________________________.   Why is this so important to the action of the play?


    Multiple Choice


    Characteristics of Theatre of the Absurd include:

     Absurd characters

     Absurd plot

    Absurd set

    Both A and B                                                                                                                                                                                                     

     Characters are placed together by the playwright in certain combinations to:

     Create another conflict

    To obtain maximum effectiveness

    Highlight an actor’s talent

    None of the above                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Bourgeois is a term used to describe plays that:

     Deal with the peasants of Southern France

    Stress the drama of the middle and lower classes

    Deal with common and ordinary people

    Both B and C                                                                                                                                                     

    Of the following, which is not part of the playwright’s job description?

     Determining the subject matter

    Deciding on characters

    Deciding what type of play it will be

    Securing a performance space

    Of the character types below, which type is described as “typical or ordinary”?

     Quintessential or representative


    Characters with a dominant trait


    Which of the following is not an aspect of a director’s preparation? 

    Choosing a script

    Determining a style

    Raising money

    Finding a central or controlling image 

      In a non-profit theatre, the role of producer is performed by:

    The director

    The executive director

    The managing director

    Both B and C     



    Malaprop                        Bourgeois                Slapstick                  “Magic If”               Allegory        Blocking

    Two forms of Tragedy       Auteur Director          Casting              Deus ex Machina


      Nonhuman characters are restricted to animals; they can never be ideas.                                                                                                                                                                  

       In the Italian form Commedia del’arte, actors were given a scenario for the play, which they performed by improvising or                       inventing words and actions.


       One of the things determined by point of view is whether a subject is going to be viewed seriously or comically.


       There is a close relationship between theatre and society.  It is a relationship that is manifest in what point of view artists take          toward their subject matter.           


       The theatre technique defined as slapstick  is not used in modern works.                                                                                                                                        


        Farce or burlesque can be used to point out vices in society.


       Angela Forrester uses farcical humor to make her point.                                



     Name one play written by each of our 3 ‘Realism’ playwrights.

    In the South, what is the one question to which you must always answer, “No Sir-ee!  Bring it on!”


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    EXAM II – Theatre Appreciation
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