Assignment;-Electricity systems

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     Assignment;-Electricity systems

    Make use of sketches/pictures and tables and describe the use of electricity systems in NEW ZEALAND

    All passages referred to must be interpreted and summarized in your own words.

    Suggested length;10-15 pages. When is this


    Guidelines/ headings which may be used;

    Sketch/pictures depicting power distribution

    Power generation(wind, gas, geothermal, hydro-electric)

    Capacity, voltage, frequency, standard and variation

    Power Distribution(HV and across Cook Straight)

    Power losses and efficiency of transmission

    Power distribution (SLV)

    The MEN-system of supply

    Companies involved in generation, distribution, and retail of power

    Cost of power – charges for an average household/industry

    Renewable energy(solar, wind)

    New technology


    This assignment will make up the bulk of your portfolio which counts35% of your total mark, and it will be evaluated for;

    Interpretation & lay-out of the assignment– complete

    Presentation and acknowledgement (inclusion of  links and/or references)

    Researched material and relevance of the content

    Understanding of the content of each section / topic. (Use your own conclusion or a short summary to demonstrate this)


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     Assignment;-Electricity systems
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