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    The objectives for this assignment are: 
    1. To implement the skills and knowledge gained through the course.
    2. To achieve greater awareness of the latest security tools and techniques for computer systems security. 

    This assignment involves PREPARATION OF A REPORT. The report relates to the scenarios described below. The focus is on design and implementation scenarios relating to various chapters of the prescribed text book for the course. Changes, where appropriate, have been made to relate the scenarios to New Zealand context. This is an individual assignment. 

    Assignment tasks
    You are to select any one scenario for your report in consultation with your tutor. Your report on the scenario should be between 3000 and 3500 words. The emphasis of the report should be related to computer systems security.

    Scenario : Ethical Hacking
    Research various tools required to perform ethical hacking. Cover in your discussion the tools required for each step of the ethical hacking process. At a minimum you should have covered at least 2 tools at each step comparing the effectiveness of the tools
    Deliverables and Marking Schedule: Marks

    A professional report correctly formatted and referenced 10
    Research material 30
    Analysis and discussion 35
    Recommendations 25
    Total Marks 100



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