Group think Worksheet

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    The textbook introduces this case from an organizational culture perspective (see p. 79-80), but we will look at their decision-making process with this video.


    Groupthink Worksheet

    Ch 8 (15 pts)


    After watching the video clip, make sure you can answer the following questions:


    What is 'groupthink?' Provide a definition from the textbook with an appropriate citation in APA (author, year) (4 pts)

    Give a specific example of ‘groupthink’ from the video clip. (3 pts)

    What caused 'groupthink' in the decision process of the Challenger launch? ( 2 pts)

    What was the consequence of groupthink in this case? ( 2 pts)


    What should NASA have done to avoid the Challenger and Columbia tragedies? What would you suggest? Support your suggestion(s) with the textbook (Author, year). (4 pts)



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    Group think Worksheet
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