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    15 page minimum MLA Style
    5 books used for sources 
    2 footnotes for works cited per page plus bibliography at the bottom of the document plus works cited page at end of paper.
    essay is on ideal utopian society: an ethical analysis of the ideal Utopian political system. italicize citations in the text

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    Improper usage of source documentation (footnoting) – 12 points deduction 
    2. Logical inconsistency, failure to present or argue your point clearly, inconsistency with the chosen topic – 20 points 
    3. Poor grammar, frequent typos, unnecessary repetitions of ideas and phrases - 8 points. 
    4. Failure to meet the page requirement. 5 points for each missing page. 
    5. Insufficient usage of sources -15 points. Note, that this is a research paper and not a book report or a reflection paper. A Minimum of 5 books should be used for this research. A strong research paper should include 10 or more published books and articles. 

    This is kind of like the grade rubric,


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