How does libraries influence learning in our youth?

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    Main topic: How does libraries influence learning in our youth?

    Five questions that must be narrowed down to three

    Do libraries promote better grades in school for our youth?

    What are different avenues libraries uses in reaching out to students?

     Is modern technology replacing libraries when it comes to our youth conveniently learning?

    Are libraries a thing of the past what makes libraries still attractive in our modern society?

    What percentage of graduating students actually used libraries as a vital resource for learning?


    This is what I need first on the three best research questions from above not all five just 3


    I need the 2 page introduction first

    Research Paper:    Start writing your research paper.  2 page introduction. ( Due: March 28, 2016)

                2 Page Introduction with 3 Research Questions that your topic will cover.  Write a 1 paragraph introduction of your topic which includes why this topic and the answers to these research questions are important.   Remember, your research topic MUST be related to your Service Learning site.   Here is a short Example (Yours must be longer than this and must include a reference page):


    Research Paper:  7 page research paper on topic approved. 7 pages does not include cover page or reference page(s).   (Topic must be the same as topic given approval on, NO EXCEPTIONS).  Must be typed, double spaced, 12 point font, submitted in Blackboard.  Hard copies will not be accepted.  (Due: April 11, 2016)

    This has to be 100 percent original my teacher uses plagiarism tools


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    How does libraries influence learning in our youth?
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