Network Technology and Management (N+)

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    Network Technology and Management (N+)
    Report – Assignment
    Pick one network scenario and explain with as much as detail as needed. This
    project involves week-by-week progress of your activity with your instructor.
    In your Report – You will need to solve the scenarios problem. Explain all the
    materials needed for its construction for your network design & functionality.
    Network devices, OS, computer & Network hardware specifications, wires, conduits,
    distance, location etc.… Floor/ground plan diagrams need to be included. Every
    device and or material(s) being used needs to be explained and why it’s implemented
    in your project, its purpose, and usage? MS Visio or Smart Draw is ideal to be used
    for this assignment.
    Note: That each network construction would have at least one direct way to transfer and
    access data. It is also a necessary to have a secondary back door connection to its data for
    security purposes.
    Along with your report assignment you will also need to define the following 45 terms
    or devices below and give an explanation and or image of each.
    Case 1: Café Roma
    Cafe Roma just opened 5 baristas is the USA: Pittsburgh, New York, New Jersey, Miami,
    and Fort Worth. Each of them provides wireless Internet access. Each of the users on the
    Cafes network is charged 5 cents per minute. Cafe Roma at the end of each day needs to
    upload cost and sales information to corporate headquarters in Carnegie, PA. Each
    morning all cafes download updates of sales information. How will cafe Roma charge
    and record its customer’s time if each of them has a login name? How will the network
    for each Cafe be displayed? How will the “whole” Cafe Roma network be diagrammed?
    1. Router
    2. Brouter
    3. TCP/IP
    4. PBX
    5. Hub
    6. Switch
    7. Multiplexer
    8. Cable Management
    9. Multiplexer
    10. OSI
    a. Each seven layer
    11. Novell NetWare 6.5
    12. SUSE Enterprise Desktop
    13. Windows 2003 server
    14. Unix
    15. Sun/Solaris
    16. Virtual PC
    17. Proxy Server
    18. Biometric security equipment
    19. Virus detection software
    20. Spy ware Detection Software
    21. Security Software
    22. Communication towers
    23. Inferred signals
    24. ITIL
    25. ICANN
    26. ISO/IEEE
    27. Cat5
    28. Cat3
    29. RJ45
    30. Fiber Optic
    a. ST Connector
    b. SC Connector
    31. Wireless Router
    32. Mounting rack
    33. Wire Conduits
    34. Power Backups
    35. Serge Protectors
    36. Print Server
    37. File Server
    38. Virtual Server
    39. Apache
    40. Mac OSX
    41. Patch
    42. Virus Scan
    43. Wireless network card
    44. Network Layout Model
    45. Telnet
    Make sure you proof read and add all of your citations.


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    Network Technology and Management (N+)
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