ISCG6402 Network Administration and Support

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    Students are reminded to read pages related to assessment rules including rules for dishonest work in
    the Department of Computing handbook.
    The aim of this assignment is to report on your research on aspects of network administration and
    Present your findings as a written report. Indicate the extent of your research by including a reference
    When you submit the report, make sure it includes cover sheet and marking guide sheet. Expected
    length of the write up is 10 –15 pages.
    Research materials: books and material in the library and the Internet.
    Network Operating Systems
    Network operating systems that are currently used in organisations defer a lot to its predecessors. Not just
    that, there has been design shift between platforms from Peer-to-Peer to Client/Server and now
    Virtualisation. Highlight major changes that have been made in operating systems in relation to
    administration, security and usability. Then compare the three mentioned platforms and recommend one
    (together with operating systems) that will suit a New Zealand small business, say with 10 employees. Justify
    your choices.
    Assignment hand-in instruction
    Electronic submission of the assignment is required for ALL assignments through
    by due date.
    Printed copy is to be handed to the lecturer at the beginning of the lecture in the week of the due date.
    Assignments which are submitted up to one day late will be marked, but cannot achieve more than a
    C- (pass only) grade. Assignments handed in late will not be marked unless Special Assessment
    Circumstances apply, so it would be better to hand in an incomplete assignment on time.
    Administration and
    Semester 1, 2016
    Department of Computing
    Special Assessment Circumstances
    Students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, miss a test, exam or an assignment deadline
    or consider their performance in a test, exam or assignment to have been adversely affected, should
    complete the form available from the School Administration Office.
    Within any semester, a student may have only one SAC per course. When requesting an SAC for an
    assignment, the SAC must be submitted (along with work completed to date) within the time frame of
    the extension requested i.e. if the Doctor's Certificate is for one (1) day, then the SAC and work
    completed must be submitted within one (1) day.
    NAS Written Assignment Marking Guide
    Have a query? Want to improve your work?
    You could:
    Talk it over with your lecturer or programme director. Visit Te
    Puno Ako or Maia for learning advice and support. Visit the
    Centre for Pacific Development and Support.
    Contact USU Advocate for independent advice.
    For contact details and more information, go to (
    Task Items
    Introduction (overview/importance of the topic) 10
    Description of the topic 20
    Identification and discussion of the topic issues 40
    Conclusion/summary 10
    Extensive research, properly referenced 10
    Layout and formatting of report 10
    Total 100


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    ISCG6402 Network Administration and Support
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