Scenario : New Security Tools and Techniques

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    Scenario : New Security Tools and Techniques
    The discussion of the new security tools and techniques as covered in the prescribed text is not all inclusive. Research magazines, journals, and web sites to find three additional new security tools or techniques. Cover any new security threats that would be covered by these new security tools. Compare the tools with those listed in your text. Which one, in your opinion, holds the most potential? Discuss in your paper which one is the least likely to succeed? 

    Deliverables and Marking Schedule: Marks
    A professional report correctly formatted and referenced 10
    Research material 30
    Analysis and discussion 35
    Recommendations 25
    Total Marks

    The objectives for this assignment are: 
    1. To implement the skills and knowledge gained through the course.
    2. To achieve greater awareness of the latest security tools and techniques for computer systems security.


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    Scenario : New Security Tools and Techniques
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