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    Instructions for Discussion


    Assignment Instructions:


    Cite the source(s) in APA format (author, year). Please also list all References at the end conforming to APA format.


    You will write two separate paragraphs. The first paragraph of your post (except the first participant) should be feedback to the latest post (the immediate one above you) with support from class readings. You may also add another specific example from the real world. Make sure to avoid repetition and add more information when giving feedback. After your feedback, have an effective transition statement to move to your second paragraph. This means, you will need to have some connections between your classmate’s comments and yours.


    The second paragraph (of your same post) should build up the previous post(s) by providing new information. Contradictory views are always welcome because we can always have multiple views. In addition to the textbook, you may also add support from your own research. Make sure your position is clearly and effectively supported by academic evidence (e.g., textbook, own research).


    Similar to your feedback, avoid redundant information of previous posts. Make sure to “build up” the discussion by providing new information.


    This activity will be evaluated based on the quality of your participation (effectiveness of discussion development, effectiveness of support, understanding of topic), and the fulfillment of requirements on a 10-point scale. If you do not respond to your classmate, your points possible will be 7. One-time participation fulfills the quantity requirement for this activity, but please feel free to participate as many as you like. Your best post will be taken for credit.







    Please watch the CNN video about the fast food worker strike in the folder. You will discuss this issue by answering the following questions. This is not an individual worksheet, so feel free to use the conversational tone in your post.


    “What do you think of Thomas’ employer? If you were in Thomas’ situation, do you think you had worked for 24 years like Thomas? Why yes? Why not? What do you think about Thomas who had participated in the strike after 24 years of employment? Why?


    If you were the owner of a fast food restaurant, how would you treat your employees? (e.g., would you raise their wages? If you would not, anything you would do for them?, etc.) Tell us the reason(s).”


    Can we see this case from the critical perspective? Why? Why not?


    Make sure to cite the textbook (author, year) to support your position and to show your understanding of the critical approach. Also, make sure to read the instructions for Discussions before your participation and develop group discussions by (a) giving feedback to the latest post (the one above you) and (b) adding new information.


    We will use one thread so that all members can easily see the development of group discussions. No attachment. Please type in your comments directly.


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