EGR 150 - Paper 4 – Sustainability Concepts (Part 1 of 4)

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    EGR 150 - Paper 4 – Sustainability Concepts (Part 1 of 4)


    Instructions:  Watch each video and answer the following answer for each.  They do not need to be in complete sentences.  Make sure each questions is answered correctly to receive full credit.


    Story of Stuff (

    Why is the system in crisis?

    What is the system ‘bumping up’ against? 

    Why is the government represented by a person?

    Why are the corporations represented bigger than the government?

    What is the first stage?

    What is our first limit?

    How much of the world’s resource have we used in the past 30 years?

    How many planets would we need if everyone lived like the US?

    How many trees are we loosing every minute? 

    What is the second stage?

    How many synthetic chemicals are used in commerce today?

    What does BFR stand for and what is their purpose?

    What food is at the top of the food chain with the highest level of toxic contaminants?

    Who bares the biggest burden on the toxic chemicals? 

    How many pounds of pollution in the form of toxic chemicals do U.S. industries admit to producing each year?

    What is the second limit?

    What is the third stage?

    How does everything in the store get to be cheap? What does the company do to the cost?

    What is the golden arrow?

    What did President Bush suggest us to after 9/11? 

    What percent of the materials produced through the harvesting and production cycle is trashed in 6 months?

    Who changed the way of life after WWII?

    What is planned obsolescence?

    What is perceived obsolescence?

    How many ads do you see in day?

    What do commercials tell you?

    What does ‘the media’ do during all of this?

    What is the last stage?

    How much garbage does each person contribute to the waste stream each day?

    What is the number one source of dioxins? 

    Will recycling solve our problems?

    Do we have to live with it?




    Story of Change(

    What did Ghandi say?

    What 3 things do you need for change?

    What does the basic movements starts with?


    Story of Broke(

    How much money is left over after taxes are collected from everyone?

    What is the leading thing that takes away from taxes?

    What is the second thing?

    What are products made of oil?

    How many scholarships could the government give out?

    Are we broke?


    Story of Citizens United vs F.E.C(

    What percentage of people think that corporations have too much power?

    What is the number one thing that corporations must do? 

    What is the solution that we need to act on?



    EGR 150 - Paper 4 – Sustainability Concepts (Part 2 of 4)


    Instructions:  Watch each video and answer the following answer for each.  They do not need to be in complete sentences.  Make sure each questions is answered correctly to receive full credit.


    How the Earth was Made(

    Where are the oldest Rocks found? What part of the world?


    About how old is the Earth?

    How many years?

    How do you explain the Earth was formed by tons of small microscopic particles coming together?

    Who helped discover it?

    What did he find?

    How long did it take the Earth to form its size?

    What metals are in thecrust?

    What metals are in the core?


    What did the Earth consist of on its Birthday when it turned 30 million years?

    Why is it hard to find old rocks on the Earth’s surface?

    How big was the meteor that hit in Arizona?

    What happened to the large fragments of the meteorite as soon after it hit the Earth?

    Why can they use the date of meteor to date the Earth?

    What is the exact date of the Earth? How many years?

    What is the Earth’s core made out of?

    Why isn’t there Iron in the Moon like the Earth? 

    What does the Moon rock look more like?

    How was the Moon created?

    Where can you look to find where land and the oceans were formed?

    What are rock that were found?

    What were they called?

    How old were the rocks that were found by the PhD student?

    How far down were the minerals created from the Earth’s surface?

    Where did they form?

    What other rocks were formed next to the Amphibalites?

    What are the rock made out of?

    Why does it prove that when the oceans formed?

    What clue came to Earth in 1998?

    What was found inside of it?

    How did the oceans form?

    How long did it take for oceans to form?

    What was found in the scattered meteorite over 30 miles and 5 miles wide?

    Where did amino acids form?

    How did the Earth get Oxygen?

    What did it use to have instead?

    What organism dominated the Earth at the early stages?

    How did we get Oxygen into the atmosphere?

    How did coal, oil, and gas form?

    How did limestone and chalk form?

    How long did it take for the Earth to take its current form?

    HoHow long has the Earth had its current form?



    EGR 150 - Paper 4 – Sustainability Concepts (Part 3 of 4)


    Instructions:  Investigate the ingredients of your personal care products.  List all the ingredients found in each product separating them out between synthetic or natural.  Rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce it, it is synthetic.Calculate the percentage of ingredients that are synthetic and natural in your products.


    Product Type

    Synthetic Ingredients

    # ofSyn. Ing.

    Natural Ingredients

    # of Nat. Ing.

    Hand Soap















    Body Soap










    Dish Soap





    Laundry Detergent





    Surface Cleaner















    EGR 150 - Paper 4 – Sustainability Concepts (Part 4 of 4)


    Instructions:  Watch 1 of the 5 documentaries on sustainability concepts.  Once completed, write a one page (single spaced, 12 font & at least 500 words) opinion paper on your thoughts, ideology, and perception of the documentary as it pertains to sustainability. Your grade will depend upon the amount of personal insight within the opinion paper. Do not write a summary of the documentary. If you do, a zero will be given for this part of the assignment.



    Blue Gold

    The Corporation

    Plastic PlanetPart 1

    Part 2


    The One Percent



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