The Hidden Politics of Budgeting

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    Please write a three (3) page paper with a minimum of two (2) references used as in text citations and include these sources in your reference list at the end of your paper. Your in text source citations, as well as your reference list, both should be in alignment with APA 6th edition citation form and style. The two sources will include the text book for the course and the article selected, by the student, for review.

    When reviewing a journal article look for the three key points, or the most salient three points, presented in the article and elaborate upon them. See the sample outline for help below.

    Please include headings to better organize and structure your work.

    Paper Outline:


    Introduction (Introduce the overall content, of the article to the reader)

    Summarize the Main Points of the Article (You may use several headings to do this)

    Summarize the Findings / Policy Recommendations of the Article (You may use several headings to do this)

    Synthesis (Conclusion elaborate on your thoughts about the article and its findings)




    The criteria for evaluating the weekly assignment are:


    Synthesis of Knowledge 2.5%: Does the paper cohesively link concepts and learning objectives to the current topic?


    Foundation of Knowledge 2.5%: Does the paper incorporate appropriate source material to develop and substantiate the analysis.


    Organization of Ideas/Format 2.5%: Does the paper follow APA formatting and style guidelines? There is an introduction, logical body, and summary.


    Writing Skill / Research Skill 2.5%: The paper is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. The paper is in the active voice. Does the student demonstrate an ability to perform independent academic research by incorporating peer review academic articles, books, or other material from government institutions?



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    The Hidden Politics of Budgeting
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