Types of Civilizations (3 pages)

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    The cultural comparison paper compares three civilizations of the student’s choosing. This paper must be 600-800. Students may use sources other than their book, and are encouraged to do so. APA format


    A student will pick any three civilizations covered in this class. Students will compare and contrast all three civilizations in terms of the following:

    1) Social and Cultural: Examine everyday activities, social order, and classes within the culture. (Example: how were women represented and treated in each culture?)

    2) Political and Economic: What were their political structures like? What were their economies like? (Example: how did their political organizations differ?)

    3) Diplomatic and Military: How much influence over the world did they have? How did they interact with their neighbors? (Example: Were there major wars during their histories? Were they conquerors? Were they conquered? )


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    Types of Civilizations (3 pages)
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