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    1. Structure your paper according to the research proposal sample (20 pts).
    2. In the overview section, the background information you provided must be closely related to your
    research topic and has to be developed logically (40 pts).
    3. Follow APA style: Times New Roman, size 12, a title page, two different running heads, in-text
    citations and reference list, etc. (20 pts)
    4. Use at least 5 references, of which no less than 3 academic references (journal articles, books,
    conference papers, etc.), which excludes wiki and some other electronic sources (10 pts).
    5. 5-8 pages, including the title page, but not including references (10 pts).

    This is the topic and a few sources I collected. 
    Offit, P., & Moser, C. (2011). Vaccines & your child separating fact from fiction (p. 4-7). New York: Columbia University Press.

    (n.d.). Retrieved from

    more details in attached file:



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