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    BUS700 EconomicsT316

    Assessment Type: Individual Critical Analysis – 2500 + 10% report - Team

    Research Purpose: To allow students to research and critically analyse an evaluate a current microeconomic issue.

    This assessment contributes to Learning Outcomes (b), (c) and (d)

    Weighting: 20%

    Due Date: 11:59pm, Friday of Week 10

    Submission: Upload a Soft copy to Moodle and Turnitin – Word .doc or .docx

     Topic: Critical analysis and evaluation of market power in Australia’s supermarket industry: Coles vs. Woolworth*

    Task Details: Each student will complete a research-based critical analysis and evaluation of the supermarket industry in Australia and on the following two propositions:

    • Part I: Coles and Woolworths have too much market power in the Australian supermarket industry. Word Limit: 1200

    • Part II: Competition between Coles and Woolworths is good for Australians now and into the future. Word Limit: 1300

    Research requirements: Students need to support their analysis with a minimum of 10 academic journal articles plus the text. Students aiming for a Credit or higher grade will need to use more sources. Articles should be relevant and recent. Non-academic journal sources may also be used, but relevant and validity should be identified with the lecturer/tutor.

    Presentation: Report format - 2500 + 10% Word report – Word .doc or .docx Title page, executive summary, table of contents, appropriate headings and sub-headings, recommendations/findings/conclusions, in-text referencing and reference list (Harvard – Anglia style), attachments if relevant. Single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt. *

    Reading: You may start your research with the three articles posted in the assignment window of Moodle



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