Localization Algorithms for Smart City

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    I need a Research Paper (around 6 pages) on Localization Algorithms for Smart City that reviews current algorithms for indoor, outdoor, and mobiles. Can you do that.

    Sections Required:
    1) Localization algorithms
    2) Indoor localization and smart city
    3) Localization for mobile systems
    4) Applications to the smart city

    1)    List most use techniques/algorithms/tools/software/devices within your section and subsections if applicable.
    2)    Describe briefly from the technical perspective each technique/algorithm/method/etc. including the objectives of each technique listed in item (1) (how it works)
    3)    Describe limitations and bottleneck of each technique listed in item (1) (challenges)
    4)    List advantages and disadvantages of each technique/algorithm/method/approach listed in item (1) (pros and cons)
    5)    List some use cases, examples, cost (time, size) if applicable (examples)
    6)    List all areas and fields can use the method/technique listed in item (1) (where applicable, where not)
    7)    Include comparisons between methods/techniques/etc. listed in item (1) if applicable
    8)    Include diagrams/tables/pseudocodes/flowcharts/architectures of each technique listed in item (1) 
    9)    Include equations if applicable (calculations)
    10)    List references of each method/algorithm/etc. listed in item (1) 


    ensure that it is of high quality

    do you have experience in writing research papers for journals

    I have copied some references that may be helpful. I need a research paper that provides survey and challenges of Localization Techniques for Smart City


    Please review these papers and let me know your thoughts


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    Localization Algorithms for Smart City
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