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    Evidence from public opinion suggests that people in the U.S. want the right to healthcare but don’t want to pay for it. Consider the following situation:

    At midnight, a new mother awakens to hear her 2 week-old infant scream. The mother and the baby are Medicaid recipients. If the mother was experienced, she would have known that the scream was normal, but she is frightened. She brings the infant to the emergency department rather than calling her Pediatrician.

    In a two page paper, describe your position on the ethical dilemma presented by this young woman and child. Does the right to health care include society paying for her visit to the emergency department? Who is actually paying? Should the mother be advised to come into the emergency department if she is uninsured and wealthy? If she is uninsured and poor?

    Required Resources: Library, secondary (online) research and/or primary research (face-to-face interviews)

    Terminology, spelling, grammar, clarity of expression, APA or MLA Format are critical to a well-written paper.

    Submission: Submit via blackboard

    Please use at least 4-5 sources including my current book.Healthcare delivery in the United States. 11th edition by James R. Knickman

    The two pages not including the works cited page


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