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    Answer the following questions and submit your document to the Unit 2 Assignment 2 Dropbox.

    Scenario 1

    Two of your employees handed in requests on the same day for a week's vacation from July 1–7. Arturo is a friend as well as an employee whose work you supervise. Matthew is a good worker but not a close friend like Arturo. If your work unit is to maintain adequate staffing, only one of them can be gone during this week.

    How should you handle the situation?                                                                     

    Scenario 2

    The police have multiple leads that implicate a suspect named Smith as a pedophile, but they have failed in every attempt to obtain a warrant to search Smith’s car and home, where evidence might be present. Officer Jones feels frustrated and, early one morning, takes his baton and breaks a rear taillight on Smith’s car.

    The next day he stops Smith for operating his vehicle with a broken taillight; he impounds and inventories the vehicle and finds evidence leading to Smith’s conviction on 25 counts of child molestation and possession of pornography. Jones receives accolades for the apprehension.

    Why might Officer Jones have felt this was acceptable behavior?

    If you were his supervisor and found out about this what would you do?

    What is the impact of this conduct on the department, and what constitutional issues are involved?



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