Crime and Punishment annotated bibliography

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    i need total 10 sources100-150 PER SOURCE. NOT INCLUDING REFERENCE INFO.just
    to give you a background on this assignment. My teacher has given me a negative
    marks on this assignment previously. It is supposed to be an ungoing assignment.In this project, you will need to nd, review, and summarize vedi'erent reputable sources concerning a topic related tothe last 400 years in Western Civilization. You may choose any topic related to the coursework that you like, but carefulselection
    that is neither too large nor too focused is suggested in order to ensure that your summaries can e'ectivelydiscuss the topic and so that vequalied sources are
    available.Your ve
    sources need to the following criteria: At least one primary source: a document, object, or other material directly related to the topic and time.
    Thisshould be a document that provides a rst-hand account of your topic without previous knowledge of the event.Examples may include newspapers, diaries,
    letters, lm, records, or speeches.
    At least one current, relevant article: an article
    published in a reputable periodical within the last ve years.
    At least one peerreviewed
    article: an article from a respected publication put out by universities,
    historicalsocieties, or another academic entity that has clearly identied the credentials of the author, reviewer, andpublisher. At least one published book: This can be in electronic or print form and from any time; be sure to research thepublisher, author, and year as that may inuence bias.The duplicated medium
    needs to provide an opposite perspective than the other selection in that medium
    andcannot be found in the same publication or brand as any of the four other selections.Do not submit more than ve sources; only the rst ve sources listed
    will be considered.PART 2-ADD 5 MORE ANNOTATED SOURCESIn this version of
    your annotated bibliography, you will be required to add annotations to your references. Therequirements for Unit VI include the following:
    Your chosen topic statement/intention related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization.
    Five selected reputable sources in APA format
    All Unit III components are to be
    resubmitted—with revisions based on professor feedback—as part of the Unit
    VIgrade Annotation paragraphs after each of the ve
    sources (as outlined
    below)100-150 PER SOURCE. NOT INCLUDING REFERENCE INFOtopic was crime and
    punishment, HOWEVER, IT CAN BE CHANGED.i need a++ quality work


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