Engineering Discipline Questions

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    Engineering Discipline Questions

    Instructions: In a Word document, answer the following questions. In addition, please provide the source material for each question. These questions will help you understand the variety of engineering disciplines. The answers must be in complete sentence

    Reference Requirements: One different references for each question (total 9).

    Due Date: 07/10/2018


    What is engineering?

    Example“The practical application of mathematics and science to create, test, improve and develop knowledge, research, money, business, economics and technology.” (Schiavone, 2002)

    What do engineers do?

    Why choose to study Engineering?

    Define Mechanical Engineering.

    List four types of Mechanical Engineers.

    Define Electrical Engineering.

    List five types of Electrical Engineers.

    Define Civil Engineering.

    List six types of Civil Engineers.

    Define Chemical Engineering.

    Define Computer Engineering.

    Engineering Professor is classified as an Engineering Job. List 5 other engineering job classifications.


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    Engineering Discipline Questions
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