Responsibilities of a Visitor to a Host Country

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    Write a 2-3 page paper, double spaced, answering the following question: “What responsibility does a visitor or immigrant from another culture or country have to the host culture’s ways of living, communicating and thinking? For example showing the bottom of your shoes to a Arab Muslim is considered an insult yet in the US we routinely sit with our legs crossed. Should the American be aware not to do this or should the visitor understand and accept the practice as not being an insult? Please provide an additional example, if possible. Be sure to cite. Please use the MLA format.

    The books I am using for this course s interculturcal competence by myron w. lustig
    kiss,bow,or shake hands y terri morrison, I need the paper by  OCT 25th.


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    Responsibilities of a Visitor to a Host Country
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