Answer 4 questions using apa format 

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    1) what are some of the challenges that may be experienced in families that have recently immigrants to Canada? Explain why 
    2) dating options such as the use of personal ads and dating services have become more popular in recent decades. Describe and explain two potential benefits and two potential pitfalls of these dating options 
    3) “contemporary marriage are more vulnerable to divorce then marriages in the past “explain why this statement may be true . Think about the changing purposes and functions of marriage and the changing roles of men and woman and why these changes might make the marital relationship difficult to maintain.
    4) describe three stressors associated with being a student . What are some effective strategies for managing these sources of stress ?

    Answer 4 questions using apa format 
    -answers should be limited to one typed , dople spaced page per question . 
    -indent paragraphs and do not use an extra space between paragraphs . 


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    Answer 4 questions using apa format 
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