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    Review the attached study: Heavy Metal Music. Once you read this particular study, please address the following in a 2-page paper, APA format:

    1.    Identify the method used to administer the survey. Was this the best choice? Explain your answer. You will likely need to review Chapter 7 in the Vito, Tewksbury, & Kunselman digital book on Survey Research for more information on survey methods. Be specific when addressing this component, using the digital book and Voices from the Field, to support your statements, as well as any additional outside scholarly resources.

    2.    Which questions are close-ended and which are open-ended? What changes, if any, would you suggest are needed? Explain your answer.

    3.    What types of validity is this survey instrument likely to have? For this component of the question you can look at the discussion in Chapter 5 in Voices from the Field on the measurement quality and also in your digital book by Vito, Tewksbury, & Kunselman (pages 103–109).

    4.    Evaluate the questions concerning parental attachment and control. Were they effective? What changes, if needed, would you suggest? Explain your answer.

    5.    What is your opinion of the use of this questionnaire to explore the relationship between heavy metal music preference and delinquency?

    The paper should be written in essay format. Please include a formal introduction, paragraphs that address each of the above issues, and a conclusion. The paper should be doubled-spaced, have a title page, page numbers, use 12-inch Times Roman font, and be at least two pages in length. Be sure to cite all references using APA format. 

    I need it 01, November 2018.


    Vito, G. F., Tewksbury, R. A., & Kunselman, J. C. (2014). Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods: An Applied Approach. Springfield, Illinois: Charles C Thomas.

    Chapter 5: Element of Research
    Chapter 7: Survey Research

    Pope, C. E., Lovell, R., & Brandl, S. G. (2001). Voices from the Field: Readings in Criminal Justice Research. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.

    The Study: 

    Chapter 5 Heavy Metal Music Article


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    Heavy Metal Music
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