Toms (classical Espadrilles Flats)

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    he footwear market is growing immensely on a global scale. Select any country's shoe brand (NOT a global brand already sold in Russia) that could be launched in Russia.

    Discuss the rationale for your decision and support your approach using:

    - A description of the footwear brand's local market

    - A description of Russia's footwear market

    - PEST analysis

    - SWOT analysis

    - How you will deal with the financial and currency issues

    - Manufacturing & logistical considerations. 

    - What your USP/Brandstory will be to the Russian consumer and how you will communicate that

    The paper/deck/other medium, should be between 12 - 15 pages (where applicable) and include graphics as called for. 
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    Toms (classical Espadrilles Flats)
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