MAT 275 Laboratory 6 Forced Equations and Resonance

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    In this laboratory we take a deeper look at second-order nonhomogeneous equations. We will concentrate
    on equations with a periodic harmonic forcing term. This will lead to a study of the phenomenon known
    as resonance. The equation we consider has the form
    dt2 + c
    + !2
    0y = cos !t: (L6.1)
    This equation models the movement of a mass-spring system similar to the one described in Laboratory
    5. The forcing term on the right-hand side of (L6.1) models a vibration, with amplitude 1 and frequency
    ! (in radians per second = 1
    2 rotation per second = 60
    2 rotations per minute, or RPM) of the plate
    holding the mass-spring system. All physical constants are assumed to be po

    please check attached file for details


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    MAT 275 Laboratory 6 Forced Equations and Resonance
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