Fashion and Public Relation Industry

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    Industry Analysis:

    This section will require research. You must use a minimum of two sourceswhich should includeindustry data bases, trade publications, periodicals and books. You can supplement your sources with interviews with co-workers familiar with the industry and/or conversations or research withindustry analysts.This paper should be done in APA format and sources must be cited in APA format. The suggested length is 2 – 4 pages. Include a reference page.

    Detail in your Analysis:

    Who are the majorstakeholders (competitors) in this industry and what are their respective market shares?

    Has the industry grown or declined financially over the last 3 years (provide industry revenue #’s)?

    What key factors have fueled the growth or caused the decline over the 3 year period?

    What are some major trends that are developing out of this industry?

    What is it about this industrythat appeals to you personally?

    Company and Department Analysis:

    In addition to personal observations, this assignment requires research and/or discussions with co-workers familiar with the company and or/conversations or research with industry analysts. All sources must be cited in APA format. The suggested length is 2 – 4 pages.

    Detail in your Analysis:

    The name and location of the company where you are working

    Include the company business, the target customer or market for the product

    Within the general industry, where does this company rank in regards to revenue and size?

    What is the company’s image? How does it distinguish itself? What is its competitive advantage?

    Characterize and assess the effectiveness of the organizations internal culture and leadership?

    Is the current culture an asset or a liability in getting the work of the organization accomplished?

    What ways would you change the current culture such that it is more efficient and motivating?


    Personal Analysis: The suggested length is 2 – 4 pages.

    Details in your Analysis:

    How did you decide on this internship and how did you secure the internship?

    Your title, department and specific duties and responsibilities

    What are you doing to establish yourself as a leader within your respective role and group?

    What are you doing to establish yourself with respect to work ethic and “can-do attitude”?

    What did you enjoy about the role and what did you dislike about it?

    Create a SWOT analysis: identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

    What did you learn about your professional strengths and weakness during the internship?

    What do you see as the next steps in your career?


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    Fashion and Public Relation Industry
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