Paper 4 - EGR 150Disciplines Report

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    The purpose of this assignment is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your selected field of study and to determine, as best as you can, whether your choice of major is right for you.


    Description & Formatting

    Most engineering colleges offer BS degrees in Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The profession of “engineering” also offers many other disciplines such as biomedical, environmental, ceramics, industrial, and agricultural engineering. You will conduct research on your choice of three disciplines, compare and contrast them, and communicate your findings and insights via a Recommendation Report.Must be single spaced, and paper will be graded on content, not length.



    This writing assignment is known as a Recommendation Report. Since you will be offering your personal evaluation and insights relative to your research findings, it is appropriate to write it in active voice.You do not have to write it in third person.


    Grading Breakdown 

    Your grade on this assignment will be based on how well you meet the following requirements.


    Provide an introduction section that briefly discusses the three disciplines you chose to research and why. (10 points) 

    Summarize your research results. Include at least one table and one graph. Compare and contrast the three disciplines relative to:    

    Specialties and/or sub-disciplines (5 points)

    History and heritage of the discipline (5 points)

    Impact on the safety and quality of life for humankind (10 points)

    Career opportunities for graduates (5 points)

    National and/or international supply and demand (5 points)

    Regional job market needs (5 points)

    Graduate level educational need (5 points)

    Salaries for BS, MS, and PhD graduates (5 points) 

    Include a conclusion section that summarizes your new knowledge. Describe how your research has influenced your choice of major. If you have not decided upon a major, discuss what other research you need to conduct in order to make an educated decision. (20 points) 

    Include at least three references only one of which may be a reliable internet source. The other two references must be from an online journal and a government source. (15 points)CITE ANY AND ALL REFERENCES – must use correct format as discussed

    This includes the appropriate use of title pages and cover letters, page numbers, fonts, titles, and section headings. All drawings, tables, charts, and graphs must be numbered, titled, labeled, and dimensioned. Your document should be free of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting errors. (10 points)  

    MUST USE REFERENCE GUIDE in combination with the ASTM Prototype formatting instructions to receive credit for this assignment


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    Paper 4 - EGR 150Disciplines Report
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