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    Using the Chapin Hall data archive, identify an answerable research question related to permanency in the child welfare system. - What is the question your paper will answer? - Why is this question important (how many people are affected- in MD/US/globally? What are the social costs of the problem? How much money is spent addressing it or is lost by the problem?)? - You may choose to cite a few academic or online sources to document the significance and prevalence of this issue. If so, you must document using APA style. Ø Why should child welfare workers be interested in this question?

    Find and review a study from a peer-reviewed journal that examines a similar question.  What was the research question addressed in the study? What was the data source: Administrative? Other secondary data? Primary data collection?  What was the sample? Describe sampling frame/eligibility criteria. Describe demographics and other characteristics that are reported. What was the answer to the research question in this study?  Remember to cite the study using APA style.

    Use the Chapin Hall data archive to answer the question for Maryland statewide or a specific jurisdiction. How did you constrain the sample? Present findings in narrative and table or chart. Who is included in the analysis? (table and narrative describing the sample) What is the answer to the research question? (table or chart displaying answer to research question).

    Discuss findings and limitations.  What does the finding mean for permanency in Maryland? What might this finding reflect?  How do the findings compare to the similar study that you identified and described? Are they similar or different? How might methodological differences explain differences in findings? What are the limitations of this finding? (i.e., what might be wrong with this finding?) In what ways could it be discredited?

     Based on this finding, draw some recommendations for child welfare practice. Here are some suggestions: How/should child welfare workers change their practice to better promote permanency?  Are there ways that child welfare supervisors should change their practice to better promote permanency?  Are there policies that should be created and advocated for that are relevant to this finding?





    Child welfare has been a progressive movement within the past centuries.   The systems that once gave children to willing families without exploring complete safety measures has now become a theoretical and political driven agency that puts child’s safety, wellbeing, and permanent placement first. Thus, it is always time to cultivate positive practices to enhance the permanency status for children within the foster care system.  Baltimore City Department of Social Services spends $227 million on child welfare and $296 million on foster care maintenance payments alone (,2016). In addition, most recent datareports there are about 8,000 children in the State of Maryland Out of Home Placement (,2013). Overall, BCDSS serves 60% of the state of Maryland needy families. This data, implicates there are a vast number of needy children and they are mainly serviced in a highly impoverished community. Said community entails many social dilemmas and a mass underserved minority population.  One could assume there is an influx of African America children in foster care drift/without stable placement. This paper will explore the trends of African American placement stability compared to their Caucasian counterparts.  This paper will also provide a literature review on a study that explores racial disparities in child welfare. Graphs and tables will be used to further illustrate the data, and then the closing will include a discussion on findings, limitations, and recommendations.







    Significance and Prevalence

    -The peer review articles are in the inbox (literature review of peer review articles are required in the assignment)

    -The following are websites for additional data

    Here is some data fromonline





                                       Base group Caucasian Comparison Group Black Children


    Conclusion and Limitations





    I looking for a 8 pages paper on permanency and child welfare I can provide the data and research. I have a graph I need converted into apa formate. I have the intro completed.

    Here is some data from online

    I have a graph I need converted into APA format. Can you give me a completion estimation? 

    It has to be double spaced as well

    I will send the graph in a few


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