Health Care System for the United States

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    design your health care system for the United States. Be creative! Feel free to make your system as similar to or different from the current system as you would like. Model the system after that of another nation, if you’d like, or design one that is completely original. Include the following elements in your design:
    • The role of federal, state, and local governments
    • The role of insurance companies
    • The role of employers
    • The role of providers
    • The role of consumers
    • How health care would be paid for
    • The advantage of your system over the existing one
    • The biggest criticism your opponents would have of your system
    • How you would answer this criticism
    You will have 5 to 10 minutes to present your system, and also hand in a 5-6 page paper, plus a cover page and bibliography. Additional research is expected. All sources must be peer reviewed. The articles must have been published in the last decade, in a peer reviewed scholarly journal (i.e. APHA, HRS,BMJ, JAMA, Milbank Quarterly, Public Health Reviews, etc...) and must be either a research, evaluation, case study, or meta-analysis article (no commentaries or book reviews or news articles). 
    This is a research assignment, which is to be written in an academic tone and style. You must use APA or MLA format to cite the articles. References should be as new to the literature as possible (last 10 years). 


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    Health Care System for the United States
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