White Collar Crime

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    Be sure to address the overall impact of white collar crimes on society and the criminal justice system. This would include an examination of the type of punishment for white collar crimes, possible over or under criminalization of white collar crimes, impact on the prison system, impact on society as a whole and explanation of victimology (who are the victims of white collar crimes?).

    As with any research project, it is imperative to follow the research where it leads you. Don’t force it. Your initial thesis may actually be wrong, and if that’s the case, keep moving. The next major step in the drafting process is developing subtopics to help frame your research paper. As you continue to research your topic, this process will help guide you in selecting the appropriate and relative subtopics for the research paper.

    Based on the approved research paper topic and thesis statement, identify the reason why you think that the issue is important, frame the issue(s) to be researched, select relevant sources, research and analyze the issues presented, and communicate the solution (or recommended response) to the problem. The paper should not be an abstract one. I also expect you to prioritize literature and events that relate to or impact Florida (or the state you plan to work professionally.

    The paper should be no less than 8-typed pages.

    As a reminder, to maximize the total points awarded for the research paper, be sure to carefully review the both files located in the, ‘Research Paper and Turnitin.com Instructions & Criterion" folder which can be found in 'My Contents'. Also be sure to closely follow APA drafting guidelines, including properly citing all sources, especially within the text of your research paper and works cited/reference page.

    When you write your paper it is imperative that you also demonstrate your awareness of opposing or alternative ideas or approaches to the problem, and then explain why you think that your proposed approach is the most appropriate. Your paper must use APA formatting ONLY.

    The paper should be double spaced, properly formatted, and the body of the paper not be shorter than the stipulated number of pages, (in this case, 8-eight). Cover, abstract, reference pages, etc. do not count for purposes of the length of paper. It must have pagination (pages should be consecutively numbered at the bottom-in Word click on the Insert icon on the top masthead to insert page numbers.) You should have at least eight references from academic journals/texts (i.e. equal to the number of pages required for the paper). Wikipedia is NOT an academic source. All and any references from the course texts will together only count as one, so you need to get external references.

    Format and Set-up of the Paper

    Introduce the topic; explain why it’s an important topic to research. State opinion on the topic; in other words, whether you agree or disagree with the said main thesis of the topic and why. To put it another way, write a thesis statement. This section should be approximately ½ a page (1-2 paragraphs).

    1. Present arguments, through research, for arguments both for and against the topic.

    a. Should present 4 to 5 major points for each argument (otherwise paper becomes unbalanced).

    b. Explain arguments fully. In other words, do not simply state arguments. Defend, elaborate, and cite sources.

    c. This section should be the crux of the paper.

    2. Conclusion. Restate thesis (opinion).

    a. Determine whether thesis is valid based on the information presented in the paper.

    b. If your thesis has changed, explain why it has changed (using points put forth in your paper). This section should be ~1/2 page to a page.

    3. Your paper must have the necessary References, in APA.


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    White Collar Crime
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