Paper assignments:Assignment #1Selection of a theory

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    Paper assignments:Assignment #1Selection of a theory

    The theory can be ANY communication theory that interests you – not necessarily a theory we covered in class, and not necessarily a theory covered in your book.

    If you do go outside of class/book, you may want to check with me to be sure it “counts.”

    What toincluded in this section:

    What theory you selected

    Why did you select this theory

    In what situations can this theory be applied/used

    Research the background of the theory

    Find the original source for the theory

    You must include the original author and appropriate reference material

    What to include in this section:

    An overview/description/definition of the theory

    Which scholar(s)/theorist(s) established the theory?

    How did the scholar(s)/theorist(s) first define the theory at its establishment?

    NOTE: if you do not cite the original source or incorrectly attribute the theory, you will receive a zero (0) for this assignment


    Make sure you cite correctly, I did it wrong. ☹


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    Paper assignments:Assignment #1Selection of a theory
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