Sociological perspectives

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    That’s the online book to use

    The sociological paradigms include Functional Theory, Symbolic Interaction Theory, and Conflict Theory. Functional Theory focuses on the function or dysfunction of a phenomenon. Symbolic Interaction Theory focuses on the symbol in an interaction that are interpreted differently by different members of different societies. Lastly, Conflict Theory focuses on the conflict between the capitalists and workers for the scarce resources.

    For this written exam apply each theory to any chapter of your choosing. You can focus on one chapter, two, or three different chapters. It’s completely up to you. However, you do need to explain how each theory, Functional Theory, Symbolic Interaction Theory, and Conflict theory would explain a phenomenon from the chapter or chapters you chose.

    For example, Conflict Theorists would explain how racial conflicts occur due to privileges held by few. The answer should continue explaining the theory and proceed to apply the remaining two theories, Functional Theory and Symbolic Interaction Theory. A total of three paragraphs should be provided (5 sentences minimum, may be more). Please cite each paragraph at least once an


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    Sociological perspectives
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