SOC 101 — Introduction to Sociology Mesa Community College

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    SOC 101 — Introduction to Sociology Mesa Community College 
    Assignment 2: Sociological Inquiry Due by 11:59p on Sun, Week 4 — submit in Canvas Purpose: The primary goal of this exercise is to apply your developing sociological knowledge and skills to your own experiences, observations and interpretations. 
    Directions and Suggestions: 
    Choose 2 Events and/or Observations you think are relevant to class material. Examine your daily experiences and observations for examples you can connect to class information. Think about past experiences (i.e. high school, your family). Think about decisions you have made, articles you have read, movies and television programs you have watched, etc. 
    Describe the 2 Events and/or Observations. You will need to provide a brief summary of each event/observation. This should include details such as location, timing (i.e. is this an ongoing event/observation, does it appear to be a one-time event, is this an example of an event that happens frequently), people involved (including demographic variables such as race, age, gender, SES, etc). 
    Analyzing each Event and/or Observation. The final step in the process is conducting an analysis of your chosen event and/or observation using knowledge of sociological concepts and theories you have gained from the course to-date. The most important thing here is that the analysis should not just be your opinion about the current event, but grounded in sociological concepts, theory and prior research. You need to make a connection between the example you have  selected and sociology. 
    You will need to use at least 3 sociological concepts covered in this course to analyze EACH current event (i.e. social construction, stratification, social control, crime, deviance), a total of 6 concepts. The sociological concepts used to analyze event I should be different from those used to analyze event 2. The more specific reference you make to course material (i.e. studies discussed in the book, supplemental materials, videos, articles you find on your own), the better your assignment will be. If you cannot apply specific sociological concepts, theories or studies, your assignment is probably incomplete; in this instance, you may want to choose a different event/observation. (hint: you should define AND apply sociological concepts) 
    References. Remember whenever you directly or partly reference someone else's ideas (i.e. material from the book) you must use in-text citations and a full reference in APA format. See APA examples under FILES in "Resources" folder for proper formatting. 


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    SOC 101 — Introduction to Sociology Mesa Community College
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