Us Military Cultural Awareness

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    Your case study writing assignment should focus on a current diversity or cross-cultural issue that you would like to investigate and research in more detail. Education has the dual objective of improving the knowledge of the individual student as well as preparing them to enhance their value to current or future employers. As such, take a look at societal level issues (national and international) but also investigate how these topics impact the workplace and the ability for employers to optimize their workforces for positive outcomes. The paper should address the following questions:

    1. Why is this issue important to society in general and to the workplace in particular?

    2. How does this issue impact achieving societal and organizational goals and objectives?

    3. How would you recommend to address this issue (policies, procedures, work rules etc.) either through national legislation and in your company and what changes would you recommend to your Congressman/CEO ?

    4. Identify three key factors you learned about this issue as a result of your research and how you will incorporate those learning moments in your professional life?

    5. How do you think differently about this topic after completing your research?

    Please use examples from course materials and outside sources as necessary to support your positions. Be sure to properly cite your sources using APA or MLA format. Some examples of research questions for the paper are listed below. These are only examples. You are encouraged to select topics to suit your particular interests or experience. This paper can be used in the Specialized Skills and Knowledge section of the CPS Portfolio, though it is not required.

    Please submit your topic for approval prior to beginning your research. Scope your efforts so that you can effectively argue your position in a short (4 to 6 page) essay. Please submit your topics to your instructor via email by Week #3. Please submit a four to six page paper (MS Word - double spaced) responding to the five questions at the end of the case study. You may submit your paper via the BlackBoard at anytime during the course term, but no later than the due date.


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    Us Military Cultural Awareness
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