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    The requirement for this assignment is the preparation of an essay that critiques /evaluates the portrayal of the family in the media . First consider how situations of one of a) divorce b)stepfamilies c)lone-parent families d) same sex relationships e) abusive relationships or f) family poverty portrayed in the media . This might include an examination of how families are presented in popular fictional television programs ,movies ,commercials ,or books . Choose only one specific medium ( one book,movie or television shows ). The medium should not be a documentary or a reality show. You should then propere an essay that evaluates the portrayal of the family situation you have chosen in the medium in terms of whether or not the portrayal Is realistic . The critique must be supported by reference in the literature that illustrate the realities of family life in these family situations The paper should be limited to 5 double spaced typed pages using 12 point font and one inch margins ,should be written in APA style .

    Introduction ( essay of 1-2 paragraphs ) 1) provide the topic and purpose of the paper 2) provide a brief description of the medium that you are evaluating . What is the plot storyline ,and who are the major characters . Critique/ literature review ( essay approx 4 pages ) 1) using specific examples from the medium that you have chosen ,discuss the portrayal of the family situations ? Use findings from the literature to support what you say about whether or not this portrayal of family life is realistic . For example ,if you say that a particular program is not realistic because it does not reflect the financial reality of most lone -parent families ,then you should provide support for the fact that most lone parent families do not have the financial resources portrayed in the medium .2) be sure that the literature reviewed is relevant to the component of the media portrayal of family life that you are addressing . 3) your critique/literature review must include at least 5 references , 2 of which must be research articles from academic journals . All references must have been published within the last 10 years . 4) do not search for information about media .use findings from literature and research to support what you say about the reality of family life . 4 ) do not merely make a paragraph for each research article that looks like one abstract after another , integrate the results and conclusion of the researchers and relate these findings to your topic . Interpreted any quotation used . Conclusion ( essay approx 1 page ) based on your examination of the media portrayal of family life and your review of the literature , what conclusion can you draw ? For example , was the portrayal realistic ? What are the implication of such a portrayal ?


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