need 5 pages

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    need 5 pages

    please check this link

    Please see the details in this attached word file

    Please provide me your topic and details

    Please see all the details below:

    1. Our tutor gave us a very useful website:

    2. Very important!!
    I have found a very useful reference dissertation, which you may look at the data she got, and you could find the most updated one accordingly.

    3. The assignment required 5 cites, you may also reference from what she got in her literature review, the paper require to focus on two important area, 
    A.) why you think tuition discounting has been so attractive
    B.) and what institutional leaders have forgotten about its limitations.

    please answer this two points accordingly BY using the TEMPLATE in the word file.

    4. Lastly, the lumina Foundation report is required to be included as well

    I had attached the important references and the data you need, please read carefully, thank you 


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    need 5 pages
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