Ethical Considerations and Professional Responsibility in Criminal Justice

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    TOPIC: Ethical Considerations and Professional Responsibility in a Criminal Justice Agency


    Former East Haven Police Officer Sentenced To Five Years In Prison For Criminal Civil Rights Violations



     Austin Police commander suspended for unprofessional conduct


    The Honorable Profession Embarrassed by the Actions of a Few


    Write a 2,100 word term paper including the following components in context of chosen topic:

    Introduction to the paper addressing the core research issue to be considered.

    The source of data analysis which presents research information for consideration of the issue.

    An analysis of the issues and presentation of your data findings.

    A discussion of your current findings.

    A conclusion and impact on substantive and procedural criminal law with an emphasis on employment in the criminal justice system.

    Follow the below criteria when writing your term paper:

    Term Paper should have a Cover Page, Abstract, and a Reference Page.

    The references do not have to be referencing the case but rather should address the policy concerns from other relevant research.

    Include a minimum of 10 references beyond the course text

    A minimum of 5 references must be from the web resource cases and/or articles.

    The Cover Page, Abstract, and Reference Page should all be in APA format. In addition, all internal citation of outside sources plus the listing of all references should also adhere to APA format.



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    Ethical Considerations and Professional Responsibility in Criminal Justice
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