Basic Electrical Measurements  lap report

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    Basic Electrical Measurements 
    Ph s experiment is designed ° review and practice basic electrical measurements. Measurements of resistance. voltage and current are common measurements In electrical circuits. This experiment would help overcome some common mistakes in taking such measurement. Malty, upon completion of this e.Pw-linerit, students should become familiar and comfortable with use of electrical measuring Instruments. 
    Fer the purpose of this .periment, select 4 resistor at random and use the color codes. determine the v-4Iue of the resistance, Connect a simple series circuit and M443.4 the value of the resistance by .4 of the ohmmeter. Compare both values and describe the difference between both values, the reading v;, the measured value. F--or the same circuit, use increments of k volts, measure the current through the resistor. Use Ohms' law to oel.late the current valves for the same Increments of applied voltage and caloalate the amount 0 WW1. Thbviatis all the result. At each step take 4 measurement of the applied vettaCe.c, comment on the results—sources of inaccuracies and discrepancies. 
    Analysis Create tables and organ,. all measurement,' and analyze. Show a sample caleulaii,n, Draw graph; as you RC fit, 
    Vm Error in voltage km pb 1.,=11 


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    Basic Electrical Measurements  lap report
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