Assignment 5: Literature Review

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    Assignment 5: Literature Review

    Literature review (13 points): Your grade will be assessed on the quality and breadth of the literature examined, how well you discuss domains critically, and synthesize literature found. In addition, identification and application of a proposed theory or conceptual framework should be included in your review of the literature – this is not just an “add on” or an afterthought. Critically think about how to apply the domains of the framework or theory to your research question.

    Body of Literature Review: how well did the student summarize and analyze the current knowledge (i.e., empirical research) on the research topic? How well did the student critically analyze the literature; identify limitations and gaps, summarize findings, and identify and apply a theoretical/conceptual approach to frame the proposed study. 9 points

    Writing: Clarity, use of scientific, formal language, organization and flow of concepts and ideas, absence of  jargon, , grammar, spelling, use of proper citation, following directions, and use of standard formatting guidelines (e.g., 1.5-spaced, does not exceed 8 pages). 4 points.

    Additional notes:

    Length, as discussed in class approximately 4-5 pages (not including references) – no exceptions!

    Rubric for Literature Review:

    Focused - The topic should be narrow.

    Concise -  Ideas should be presented economically

    Logical – The flow within and among paragraphs should be smooth

    Integrative - Your paper should stress how the ideas in the studies are related and how all the papers reviewed contribute to your topic

    Current – beware of citations more than 8-10 years old 

    Places study within context of previous work

    Refines the research question

    Identifies an appropriate theory

    Comprehensive literature review ensures that one does not unintentionally repeat previous work

    OR does not replicate flawed deign and/or use invalid measures

    Fills a knowledge gap

    Helps to clarify conflicting results in the literature

    Answer the question: what/how will this work (your research inquiry) contribute to the larger body of knowledge in the field?

    Questions to keep in mind/ask yourself:

    Have I critically analyzed the literature?

    Have I thoroughly discussed strengths and weakness, not just summarized articles of interest?

    Have I situated my research question in previous work in this area?

    Have I identified a theory or conceptual framework?

    Have I presented alternative viewpoints to mine?

    Is my review relevant, up-to-date, appropriate?

    Does this work contribute to the body of literature for this topic or research question/study objective?

    Identify similarities and differences between the papers you cite

    Compare methods, data, and conclusions

    Draw conclusions based on the above

    Identify gaps in the literature based on the above

    The literature review is NOT a list of facts. You must summarize and critically analyze and synthesize the knowledge base for your specific research inquiry

    Use transitions to go from topic to topic and show connections in your literature review

    Research Question:

    Does the use of an e-cigarette affect mental health among adults aging 21 to 61 years in the United States?

    Investigating the impact of e-cigarette use on mental health among adults 21 to 61 years old in the United States.

    As per the professor: "I will be looking for clarity, organization and flow, scientific, formal language, absence of jargon, proper grammar, no spelling errors, use of proper citations (AMA), and whether you followed directions on standard formatting for assignments"

    Please make sure it doesn't plagiarize because it will go through a software in school. Thank you! Really appreciate it.

    And there should be minimum of 15 citations (not more than 10 years old). 4-5 pages, 1.5 spaced, 11 pt font, Arial

    One more thing, there should be at least 15 citations in AMA format.

    i will provide you attachment for more details.


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