Interpersonal Communication Skills

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    The assignment is to engage in an intense, deep discussion with a partner so that your can practice and analyze your interpersonal communication skills. You will select another classmate, relative, or friend to discuss the question with. Be sure to schedule a time to talk about them that won’t be interrupted. Spontaneous conversations do not count. You must arrange a time in advance to discuss a specific question with your partner. These conversations should go at least twenty-five minutes. If they aren’t going that long, try to think of new angles or aspects of the question and what you can learn about your partner(s) by practicing listening and paraphrasing. 

    Try probing, asking them to elaborate on a specific idea, or to share a story about it. Pay attention; don’t interrupt. 

    The questions that are to be used for this assignment come from the recommended Wheatley text. There is an excerpt from the text available. These questions are meant to start a conversation that may deepen or change your interpersonal relationship and/or communication competence. After you have discussed the questions, compose a 600-800 word paper of what you discussed, discovered, and learned about communication as a result of these conversations. Be sure to list the question that you discussed. I am grading your comments about the process of communication NOT the specific content that you and your partner discussed. Be sure to define, explain and apply the relevant terms from the text in your discussion. 

    Please compose your paper in a Word document using APA format. Be sure to submit your assignment on time as well. Please be sure to follow all of the required directions to ensure that you receive full credit. 
    Here is the excerpt:

    Begin your session by discussing one or more of the following questions based on the Wheatley text. 

    What does it mean to be fully human? 
    How would a full human communicate? 
    What do I believe about the future? 
    What is my legacy? 
    What is my contribution to the whole? 
    How does this play out in my choices and actions? 
    What do I believe about others? 
    What motivates people? Can I trust them? 
    What am I willing to notice in my world? What do I focus my attention on? 
    Why is this important to me? How do I feel about it? 
    When I have experienced good listening? How did I know that occurred? How did it make me feel? 
    What could I do to become a better listener? 
    Do I have enough time to think? Where and when do I do my best thinking? 
    What if I had all the time in the world to think? What would I think about/do? 
    How can I make more time in my life for thinking about what is important to me? 
    What is the relationship I want with the earth? What is the relationship I have now? What could I change? How do my actions affect the earth for future generations? 
    What is my role in creating change? 
    Can I be fearless? What are my fears? How can they be overcome? What would motivate me to overcome my fears?


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    Interpersonal Communication Skills
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