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    Complaint/Adjustment Letter

      You have a manufacturing  company Car Parts, Inc. that manufactures parts for trucks and automobiles, and you have done business with a company called Right Fit, Inc. for over 12 years.  Right Fit provides different types of screws and bolts for the   manufacturing equipment in your company plants to keep the equipment in top shape and functioning.  The last two shipments of screws and bolts from Right Fit, Inc. have been defective and not the proper size.  As a result, your company has lost close to $250,000 over the two week period during which Car Parts, Inc. has been unable to provide products to its customers/clients due to the manufacturing equipment breakdown.

         Compose a complaint/adjustment letter asking Right Fit, Inc. to refund your money, and send screws and bolts that work. Let them know the severity of the problem, but be professional, maintaining the proper tone although you should indicate that you might seek screws and bolts somewhere else if Right Fit does not improve its services and products.  There is no set length for this assignment, but try to keep it at one or two pages and properly formatted as a formal letter.  Be sure to have all of the above information in the letter.  Look for examples of formal letters.

    .  Submit this assignment as an attachment in Microsoft Word.


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