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    BA364-004Grading Rubric

    The purpose of this assignment is to test your ability to identify, research, write about a topic (of your choice) on business and society.  I will use the grading rubric below to grade your submission. 

    Content (out of 4): 3

    Grammar Language Style (out of 4): 2

    Organization (out of 4): 3

    References (out of 4): 3

    Total:<Please do not calculate total % for the peer review>


    I think you have a lot of good information in your paper, and I found it very interesting.  I was always curious about how these e-cigarettes worked, so your paper does a good job of explaining this product.  I have a few suggestions for you below, for when you finalize your paper:

    From what I read, I couldn’t really determine what your position was on this topic.  It’s clear you did a lot of research and you have many good facts in your paper, but it would also be nice to see more of your thoughts on the topic.

    Double check for grammatical errors, such as punctuations and run-on sentences.

    Add titles and sub-section titles, based on your Table of Contents.  I think this will help the readers better identify each section of information and help with the flow, when reading the paper.

    When reading the paper there were many facts within one paragraph, but only one source listed at the end of the paragraph.  I wasn’t sure if that one source covered all of those facts, so I would suggest referencing the source within the writing, so the source of information is a little more clear.

    Your Works Cited lists more sources than what was referenced within your paper, so far.  I wanted to make you aware for when you complete your paper, so you know to remove any sources that you don’t end up using in your final paper.  I also made a comment on this portion of the paper, that you’ll also want to make sure your works cited are in alphabetical order for the final paper.

    Overall, great job on your rough draft!

    2000 words 


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