Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

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    10-12 pages long
    quantative/qualitative research
    Topic Question: Is Mississippi’s hostility towards alternative (liberal) healthcare (marijuana) tributes to more of a morale and old tradition matter or other issues such as economics.

    Medical Marijuana in Mississippi- Outline

    Thesis Statement: Looking into the opposition of medical marijuana in Mississippi, it is evident that a combination of tradition and political factors as opposed to economics and health implications has made most people oppose liberal healthcare in the state.

    I.                   Introduction

    II.               Theoretical and conceptual approach

    III.             Methodology

    IV.             Results and discussion

    A.   Scientific proof

    B.     Political leaning and tradition

    C.     Insecurity

    D.   The case against economic factors

    V.               Conclusion


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    Medical Marijuana in Mississippi
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