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    In an effort to begin connecting the information from Chapter Four: The IDS Cognitive Toolkit to your personal, academic, and future professional/career goals, spend some time looking for a detailed job description or job advertisement for the type of position that you aspire to enter into upon completion of your college degree. Read the job description carefully and identify the key words in the job description which define the types of skills (cognitive or basic) that are needed for this position.  

    Compose a 1-page double spaced statement in which you evaluate your current skillset (toolkit) in relation to this job advertisement/description. In the first paragraph, you need to identify the name of the position (job and/or company) and summarize the three most significant skills, requirements, traits, values, attitudes, etc. needed for the position. In the second paragraph, you need to explain your strengths and/or weaknesses with respect to those three most significant skills mentioned in paragraph 1. Keep in mind that throughout your statement, you need to make use of the key terms and concepts presented in chapter 4 related to the IDS toolkit. Make special efforts to connect the language of the job advertisement to the words and key terms from Chapter 4 as you are describing the skills need for the job as well as your individual skillset (or areas where you might need to improve).

    On the second page of your submission, include the actual job description. You can simply copy and paste the description on a separate page.

    attached is chapter 4.

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